Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lego Master Build

Bronson loves anything Lego related. He received the Brickmaster membership from Grandma Pat and Popeye for his birthday which keeps him up to date on all the events going on. This summer we took the MAX to Pioneer Square for the Lego Game Stop. They had life size game boards and we got to try all the new games.

Today at Washington Square there was a Master Build. A master builder from Lego was on hand to create an 8 foot Buzz Lightyear out of bricks. We got to make rectangles to be part of the sculpture. We went shopping at the store when we were done and got a certificate saying he had helped build and a special brick to take home.

We had a great time and made very special memories. Check out the Lego Store website for a calendar of activities. On November 2nd you can make a mini turkey for free.

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