Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lakeview Farms

The next pumpkin patch to be reviewed is Lakeview Farms in North Plains. The first time Bronson went with Richard and some friends while I was at work. The pictures were cute and he came home with a great sailboat painted on his face. Unfortunately it was also very rainy as you can see from the picture. The pumpkin patch was quite muddy. The following year Bronson went on a field trip with his daycare. He enjoyed the caterpillar ride.

We went as a family, but Bronson seemed not very excited for the trip. When we got there he was really scared and didn't want to go on the train or the boat. To get to the pumpkin patch you have to pay $4 to ride the train or boat. We decided to take the train over and the boat back. He cried in the tunnel because it was dark and there were spooky decorations. The boat ride also was scary because a shark and a lake monster come out of the water. If your kid is not a fan of Halloween decorations I would skip this patch.

As a parent I felt that it was very expensive and commercial. I know that this is the favorite pumpkin patch for a lot of families, so don't take my review as the whole picture.

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